Our Team

For more than 25 years, Big Apple Asbestos has fostered a team of highly skilled environmental abatement professionals. With more than 250 employees, our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our continued growth in the future. At Big Apple Asbestos.com, we are dedicated to continuously improving our work safety practices within a supportive and team-oriented business culture, for which we have some of the best employee retention levels in the industry.

Exceptional Service

 With over 240 years of combined tenure at Big Apple Asbestos.com, our project management team is comprised of some of the most seasoned experts within abatement and remediation industry. Because of this, it is our belief that our people are what makes the difference. To continue the tradition of excellence in service among the Big Apple Asbestos team, we look to attract new and emerging young talent within the industry by creating an atmosphere of personal growth and development. The newer members of our workforce are mentored and trained by our more experienced crew to gain valuable working knowledge and to reinforce the standards.



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